9th Annual Nex Level Olympic Games


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Nex Level Fitness, 500 Horizon Drive, Chalfont, PA

For the last 9 years, Nex Level Fitness has been hosting the Nex Level Olympic Games, a fundraising event to honor Sherry’s Fight Against Mantle Cell Lymphoma and raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and local families that are faced with the adversity and hardship from cancer. We ask that you consider being a part of our event and fundraising efforts. ​

Please join us on Saturday, October 8th by gathering a team of four to compete in the most unique fitness fundraising event out there. The event will consist of 10-15 fitness stations with a short run between each station. No team, no problem!  Register as an individual and we will place you on a team.

Everyone can compete in the Olympic Games. 

There is nothing involved that you wouldn't do at a normal workout!  And we have included a couple fun events that you must work together as a team to complete.  There will be NO distance running, just running from event to event.  Each team must stay together and complete an event to move onto the next event.

There will be 2 categories you can choose when registering:

Competitive- If you are a fitness race fanatic, this is for those that would like to compete and move through as fast as possible for a gold medal. 

Recreational- Not into racing for a gold but want to compete?  Come move at your own pace for a great workout and to support a great cause.  

Event details and schedule

Our competitive teams compete first, we start 2 teams every 3 minutes.  Start time is 7:30am and course takes less than an hour for teams to complete.  Recreational start time immediately after competitive, but will depend on how many competitive teams.

The course consists of 12-15 fitness stations that will include exercises like ball slams, KB swings, box jumps, wall ball, lunges and more.  Each team completes the designated reps at each station and completes a short run to the next station, staying together as a team throughout.

Parking is on site.

We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before start times for your category.

Name your team and dress to impress!  

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